Welcome to Learning in Kaikōura

Te Hā o Mātauranga, Learning in Kaikōura is all about creating, promoting and encouraging learning opportunities in Kaikōura

Our dream is to create a “go to” place for Kaikōura residents who want to learn. A place that will promote opportunities, promote conversation around education and allow space for families to explore together how best to support their aspirations.

Creating Opportunities

We want to facilitate and encourage agencies and individuals to offer learning experiences to Kaikōura, and support people to take up these opportunities. As an outcome, we aim for our families and community to be able to make choices with confidence and optimism.

Working with Youth

We work with students enrolled on Te Kura (Correspondence School) to support them in their study. We work with youth to offer pathway support - helping figure out what their next steps are to enable them to do what they want. We offer opportunities that help explore identity - Ko wai au? Who am I? What matters to me? We will be taking on the role of Youth Service provider from April 2020... more info on this soon!

Kaikōura Youth Council

We are proud to coordinate Kaikōura Youth Council - an inspiring and dedicated group of young people, working to make Kaikōura Youth be optimistic, confident and make valued contributions. Check out their website www.kaikourayouthcouncil.org.nz

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