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Te Hā o Mātauranga, Learning in Kaikōura is a place and a plan designed to foster and encourage learning in Kaikōura. Our dream is to create a "go-to" place for Kaikōura residents who want to learn. A place that will promote opportunities, promote conversation around education, and allow space for families to explore together how best to support their aspirations. We want to facilitate and encourage agencies and individuals to offer learning experiences in Kaikōura, and support people to take up these opportunities. As an outcome, we aim for our families and community to be able to make choices with confidence and optimism. We want to be a community where our default setting is "how can I do this?" or "how can I support you to reach this goal?"- where we focus on the possibilities rather than the barriers. 


Sarah Beardmore - Coordinator

With a passion for creating opportunities for learning in Kaikōura, Sarah has worn many hats over the 20 years she has lived in the area: from School Teacher, to Probation Officer, Community Facilitator and chair of the Youth Council, and many stops in between. Sarah's role at the hub is to coordinate - bringing people together who can create opportunities and learn from each other, bringing external agencies to Kaikōura and promoting possibilities and information. Sarah has four sons and lives in Clarence. In her free time she likes to garden, swim and enjoy company of friends and family.

Email sarah@kaikoura.link

Phone 027 807 2874

Vicki Gulleford - Coordinator

Vicki keeps the hub humming by taking care of the everyday things: administration, finances, calendar updates, and wrangling printers and PCs. You can usually find her around between 9am and 3pm. Vicki is actively involved in GirlGuiding and has lived in Kaikoura for 20 odd years. In her own time, Vicki juggles schedules with her 3 daughters, and enjoys reading and listening to music.

Email vicki@kaikoura.link

Phone 027 564 8407

Courtney Halliday - Youth Development Worker

Courtney has come from Wellington to take up the Challenge as Kaikōura’s Youth Development Worker. Courtney has been working with Youth for the past 5 years and really enjoys walking alongside them and supporting them to reach their goals and full potential. Courtney has also been a part of running and facilitating group programmes. In her spare time, Courtney enjoys spending time with family and friends.


Email courtney@kaikoura.link

Phone 027 644 6144

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