Hit the Wall!

7th Mar 2020

Matt Moriarty from Canyon Creative collaborated with 9 young people to create this very cool mural outside of Te Hā o Mātauranga.

The young people designed a series of sketches which were digitised, plotter cut, laminated and installed. We absolutely love the finished design!

At the official opening of the mural, each young person talked about a design they created, why they created this and what it meant to them as a young person living in Kaikōura. 

Matt used a restricted process for the mural. Creatives sometimes have too many options. Using restrictions can limit these. He talked about the brief being restricted to identity - how does this design relate to them as kiwi's, as Kaikōura people. The process was restricted to a contour/line drawing. There was digital restriction - 8 colours, using a digital plotter. This allowed creativity to thrive in restricted parameters. Musicians and writers often use this sort of process too.

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